Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HEART THOUGHTS ... from Helen

Sadie, our Golden Retriever pup doesn’t always want to go where I want her to go nor do what I want her to do. Nor does she want to stop doing what I want her to stop doing. She’s a year old now. She’s behaved this way since we brought her home on Halloween last October.

My goals for this beautiful bundle of boisterous energy are designed for her good and my enjoyment. She wants to play; I want to discipline and train.

She wants to jump all over me and chew on my hands and arms and feet. I want to love on her and pet on her and nurture her and have her mind me—to sit at my feet, look into my face with those gold flecked brown adoring eyes Now, she does that sometimes, usually when she’s exhausted and worn to a frazzle from exercise or, when she’s been disciplined.

Her goal ultimately is to please me and be with me but often she doesn’t keep her eye on that goal and gets distracted. My goodness! How like Sweet Sadie I am with my Master. I want to please Him; I want to know Him; I want to walk where He wants me to walk, do the things He wants me to do. Everyday He gives me ‘treats’ from the vast storehouse of His Word when I listen to Him.

Father, I want to press on toward the goal for the prize, the treat, the ultimate treat of Your Everlasting Presence. I want to sit at your feet and look with adoring eyes into Your face. Help me to be obedient, to go where you want me to go without balking and stubbornly refusing to move forward, no whining.

Help me to ‘run with endurance the race set before me’ (Hebrews 12:2) looking unto Jesus, my Master, my Friend.

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