Wednesday, November 4, 2009



The Psalmist cries out to God: “Thy face, Lord, will I seek. Hide not Thy face far from me.” Psalm 27:8-9

I’m thankful that my eight grandchildren rejected the usual Halloween horror stuff, including scary masks and dark activities. They did enjoy the candy, however, and the cakes, cupcakes and candy corn found in my kitchen and the church activities in which they participated.

Years ago as I drove to work one Halloween morning, the car in front of me caught my attention. In the front seat sat a man and his companion. The man turned frequently, laughing with the person. My impression, at first, led me to believe the partner to be female because of the so called ‘coif’. As I continued to observe the frazzled head, I noticed that it never moved in response to the driver’s attentions. Upon closer observation, my discovery caused me to laugh out loud (to my empty car).

The companion riding shot-gun was a dummy…a Halloween mask and wig propped to give an illusion. The driver received his intended reaction when passing cars did a double take at what they saw. My thirty minute drive to work through rush-hour traffic took on a festive albeit weird turn just observing the reactions that took place.

Halloween brings out masks of all sorts to parade before the public. We may tell ourselves that we don’t participate in ghoulish Halloween fantasies, but each day we practice a little of Halloween by the illusions we present to others when we fail to pull off our masks and reveal our real selves.

I’m not advocating wearing your feelings on your sleeve, but honesty and openness in our relationships would serve us more effectively when appropriately demonstrated with tact and love.

Who do people perceive you to be on a daily basis? Would they watch closely as they pass you by on their way to living life? What would their response be when they found out the truth? Do you think they would laugh out loud (LOL) or be intrigued by your demeanor to ask “Are you for real?”

Hide not Your face far from me, o Lord. Thank You for Your transforming power to change me into Your likeness, not the likeness of the world, no matter how much ‘fun’ it seems to be.

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