Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reflections on 2009 and for 2010

The past year has passed quickly. Our retirement did not start as we had planed. Helen became ill and spent nine days in the hospital the week after we moved to our new home. It took her several weeks to recover from the problem she had. It also delayed her ability to get her new home to look as she wanted it to. Thank you for your prayers during that difficult time. With God’s help that was behind us by mid spring and we were able to get into a more predictable rhythm.

We have enjoyed being near our grandchildren but we have found we must be careful or we will not have a schedule we can call our own. Between, school activities, church activities, ball games, musical presentations and a variety of other events, family has kept us busy. It has been a good busy however and we have enjoyed the freedom to do retirement has allowed us.

As you know, I did not retire to sit. I have been working hard to develop the ideas I believe God has given me for Entrusted Ministries. It has been slow going but I believe progress is being made. It looks like 2010 will give me greater opportunities to work for the State Convention in the Revitalization Department. I also hope to be able to do more teaching in the coming year.
I have completed seven months as interim at Durbin Creek Baptist Church. The folks have been gracious to Helen and me. My role has been more as supply preacher than full interim. My commitment to them ends at the close of the year, but I plan to continue with them into 2010. They understand, if an opportunity comes that would allow me to use more of the training I have received in the past couple of years, I will consider it.

As we enter 2010, please continue to pray for my discernment in regards to what God wants me to do in my preaching, teaching, and consulting ministry. This is still where my heart is. Pray, I will not become impatient with the progress it makes and will wait patiently for the Lord to work out the details.

There are two other special prayer requests I have. First, pray I will discipline myself to spend more time on writing in the coming year. I find myself too easily distracted. I believe there are two books in my head, if I can concentrate on putting them on paper. The first is another book of reflections. The second is book on the Vital Signs of a Healthy Church. If I am going to be successful in accomplishing this, I will need all the prayer I can get.

The second request is of a more personal nature. The back pain I have experienced the past six months has hindered my workout routine. As a result I have gained far too much weight. Pray I will have the self-discipline to exercise and diet over the nest year. I would really like to loose 35 pounds.

Helen and I want each one of you to know that you are a vital part of our ministry. The confidence we have that you are faithfully praying for us gives us great anticipation of what God is going to do in the future. Please continue to pray for us daily and let us hear from you from time to time, especially if you have special prayer requests.

May you and your family have a Happy and blest New Year.

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