Monday, August 8, 2011

You Are Gifted

My lack of technological and mechanical skills has been well documented. Over the years, God has been gracious enough to provide individuals, who are gifted in these areas, to make up for my shortfall. These individuals have been great blessings to me.

There was a time when my deficiency bothered me, making me feel inadequate. Each time, God would remind me that these individuals might feel as equally uncomfortable standing in the pulpit, as I feel with a wrench in my hand staring at an engine or a crashed computer. This is why God has placed so many different types of people in His church. The diversity is present to teach us that we are to use our differences to minister to one another. The Apostle Peter said it this way: “And each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” (I Peter 4:10)

In this verse, Peter tells us that each one of us has been given a gift or gifts. God doesn’t leave any of His children out. He doesn’t give to some and leave others without anything. Our gifts are diversified but each gift is necessary for the well being of the church. Since each gift is important, we shouldn’t hold one gift as more important than another nor should we boast of the gift we have. Once we determine our gift, we must decide how we will use it. Will we use it for selfish gain or will we give it back to God and let Him use it for His glory?

In the mind of Peter, the answer to this question was clear. God gives individual gifts to those in His church because He wished for them to use them to serve one another. He never meant for His children to hoard their gifts or to keep them secret. He meant for the wide assortments of gifts within the Body of Christ to be used for the building up of the Body. Therefore, when we identify the gifts God has given to us, we need to seek the place where we can best use them to serve one another. When the Body of Christ takes seriously this mandate to serve one another, the Body is at its strongest. It is able to reach its full potential.

Peter also reminds us that we are held responsible for how we use our gifts. He tells us that we are to be good stewards of these gifts. If we are good stewards, we will use our gifts in the service of others. Unselfish service to others may not pad our billfold but it will bring joy to our hearts. However, the greatest reward will come on the day we stand before our Lord and He says, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Keep these thoughts in mind, when you are approached to give of your time in the service of your church. Remember! God gave you gifts to use in the service of others. He expects you to use them and He will hold you accountable for your stewardship in this matter. If everyone would remember these truths and would apply them, our churches would never be short of workers. They would always be enough workers to do all God has for us to do.

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